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  • 01 Inspiration

    Is Hatton Garden Really The Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

    Known as the historical jewellery quarter of London, Hatton Garden has a rich tradition of jewellery design and manufacture and diamond dealing.

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  • 02 Top Picks

    Designer Spotlight: Ruth Tomlinson

    Hidden away on an unassuming cobbled street in London's jewellery quarter Hatton Garden...

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  • 03 Inspiration

    Engagement Ring Insider: How to Buy A Bespoke Engagement Ring

    Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting process; and the overwhelming amount of choice when you start looking online can make the problem harder rather than easier.

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  • 04 Inspiration

    5 Perfect Alternative Engagement Rings by Fernando Jorge

    The Brazilian born, London-based jeweller Fernando Jorge is known for his sensual, gemstone-topped silhouettes and bright pops of colour

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  • 05 Inspiration

    7 Top Jewellery Designers share their own Engagement Rings

    Just as I love to see inside the home of a interior designer, or what a nutritionist actually eats for breakfast...

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  • 06 Inspiration

    Is This Ring The Ultimate in Jewellery Self-Gifting?

    A young woman works hard, earns herself some money, and decides to spend it on her dream diamond ring; it's not rocket science.

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  • 07 Boutiques

    Four Small Cult Jewellery Brands to Shop from Home

    The highstreet might be grinding to a halt, but luckily we all still have access to the internet.

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  • 08 Boutiques

    The London Jewellery Designer Perfecting the Timeless-Yet-Modern Style

    For anyone searching for a modern yet timeless engagement ring, London based designer Rachel Boston is the jeweller of the moment.

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  • 09 Inspiration

    Jewellery Present Ideas Straight to your Inbox: Our New Virtual Jewellery Shopping Service

    Buying jewellery gifts for important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or the arrival of a brand new baby is tricky at the best of times...

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  • 10 Boutiques

    The Engagement Ring Collection That This Jeweller Can't Keep in Stock

    London jewellery boutique EC One is a long-standing favourite amongst those in the know in the jewellery industry, for many reasons.

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  • 11 Inspiration

    Introducing Ready-to-Wear by Gee Woods

    New year, new exciting jewellery design talent here at The Cut London.

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  • 12 Inspiration

    The New Solitaire for 2020: Bold, Gold and Chunky

    The 80s have been creeping back into the world of fashion for a while now, but we’ve so far been spared the memories of our mums’ 80s costume jewellery...

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  • 13 Inspiration

    How To Choose An Engagement Ring: A Jewellers Guide to the 4 Cs

    From a traditional diamond soitaire diamond, to a colourful ruby ring, the options and trends when it comes to buying an engagement ring can feel overwhelming.

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  • 14 Inspiration

    The Best Grey Diamond Rings to Buy Now

    Grey diamond engagement rings have soared in popularity over the past few years...

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  • 15 Inspiration

    The New Solitaire: Why Understated Luxe Is This Season's Engagement Ring Trend

    The new diamond solitaire is all about understated luxe, minimalist styling, and clean silhouettes.

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  • 16 Boutiques

    Sweet Pea Jewellery Boutique

    One of the main reasons I started The Cut was due to something I kept hearing from girls looking for an engagement ring, time and time again...

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  • 17 Interview

    Colour Pop: The Kaleidoscopic world of Hattie Rickards

    This week we met with London jewellery designer Hattie Rickards, at her favourite London meeting spot The Royal Academy of Arts.

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  • 18 Boutiques

    The Best Off-The-Beaten-Track Jewellery Boutiques in London

    The best places to buy jewellery in London are probably not the ones you’ve heard of.

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  • 19 Interview

    Meet the Designer: Arabel Lebrusan

    Having a strong design 'handwriting' as a jeweller is central to success in a saturated market of endless products and styles.

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  • 20 Boutiques

    The Best Online Jewellery Boutiques

    We’ve put together our absolute favourite, time-saving, heart-skipping, failsafe, fool-proof jewellery edit for online jewellery shopping.

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  • 21 Inspiration

    The Best 3-Stone Engagement Rings

    The three-stone or multi-stone engagement ring is likely to soar in popularity after Prince Harry created a bespoke engagement ring for Meghan Markle.

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  • 22 Boutiques

    Ruberg Jewellery Boutique

    Continuing our series of ‘Hidden Gems’; where we reveal the local jewellery boutiques and shops we love and trust in London, we focus our attention this week on a Scandinavian secret.

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  • 23 Interview

    How to Propose to a Jewellery Designer

    Proposing to a jewellery designer...the pressure, the pressure.

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  • 24 Interview

    Parisian Cool: New Jewellery Designer Charlotte Chesnais

    After an illustrious career working as a stylist and designer in the world of high fashion, Parisian Charlotte Desnais...

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  • 25 Boutiques

    Zoe & Morgan Jewellery Boutique

    Last week we visited the pretty London enclave of Primrose Hill, where jewellery designers Zoe & Morgan have created their new boutique space...

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  • 26 Interview

    Behind the Designs: Jewellery Designer Fernando Jorge

    Kicking off our new feature ‘Behind the Designs’; a series of interviews with London independent jewellery designers...

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  • 27 Boutiques

    EC One Jewellery Boutique

    EC One has been one of our trade secrets for a long time.

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  • 28 Inspiration

    Collection of the Month: Helix by Shimell & Madden

    The new Helix collection from Shimell & Madden is our engagement ring collection of the month.

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  • 29 Inspiration

    How to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring

    So, how do you buy a vintage engagement ring?

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  • 30 Top Picks

    Jewellery Illustration: Designers with the Magic Touch

    Jewellery illustration is fast becoming a lost art.

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