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    Lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds: A jewellery expert explains the real difference

    Are lab grown diamonds really better than natural diamonds? What is the real difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds? Why are the costs so different? 

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  • 02

    Designer Focus: Gee Woods

    Jewellery designer Gee Woods encapsulates so much about what people are looking for in an engagement ring in 2022.

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  • 03 Inspiration

    New Designer: V By Laura Vann

    Despite our name suggesting to the contrary, The Cut London is not only London-focused. Within our small, selective network of brilliant jewellers we know and trust are a few hidden...

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  • 04 Boutiques, Inspiration

    Designer Focus: Annoushka

    Annoushka is a jewellery brand that works hard. Playful, chic and surprising designs, always acute attention to detail, and, most of all, the wearability factor. Of course this also makes them the perfect gift (wrapped in signature black and gold ribbons)...

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  • 05 Inspiration, Top Picks

    Gifts for Jewellery Lovers

    We've meticulously tracked down the ultimate gifts for fine jewellery lovers in our jewellery gift guide. As with the best jewellery presents, most of these are one of a kind, so click quick before it's gone forever.

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  • 06 Inspiration, Top Picks

    Designer Focus: Minka Jewels

    Minka Jewels' creations are the antithesis of throwaway style. They are lifelong pieces, solid companions to lift every outfit and mood, and embody a sense of luxury and value that only few designers manage to bring to life. 

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  • 07 Inspiration, Interview

    Designer Focus: Hattie Rickards Jewellery

    Hattie Rickards is a designer who understands both the meaning and power of fine jewellery, but also the joy. 

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  • 08 Inspiration

    Help and ideas for buying your engagement ring in London

    Buying an engagement ring in London can feel overwhelming. From the initial google search, yielding millions of often unhelpful, unclear and un-local results, to knowing where to go to try ring on or see something in person. 

    There are so many questions that make the search feel stressful and extremely time-consuming - with the added pressure of making sure you find 'The One.'

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  • 09 Inspiration

    The biggest mistakes people make when shopping online for an engagement ring

    Finding the perfect engagement ring online is no easy task. Here are some of the top mistakes I see my clients making when they search online for an engagement ring.

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  • 10

    GoldDust: Supporting new design talent at The Cut London

    GoldDust is a new jewellery masterclass that aims to help independent jewellery brands cut through the incredibly saturated market and become strong, exciting businesses with a coveted and original offering.

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  • 11

    One Big Rock: The allure of the single stone cocktail ring

    Dusting off its chintzy, 1950s auntie vibes for 2022, the new cocktail ring has arrived and it's mega.

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  • 12

    Why you should always choose detail over carat size

    When it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better, right? In the world of independent fine jewellery, the answer is not always yes.

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  • 13

    The 5 New Engagement Ring Setting Styles You've Never Heard Of

    Move over basic prongs. The chicest jewellers in London are looking towards lesser known ways to hold a gemstone in place and the results are breathing new life into classic designs. 

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  • 14

    How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

    Tradition dictates the ‘3 months’ salary rule’ but does this still stand in today's world of entrepreneurs, the self-employed and changing expectations?

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  • 15

    The Top 5 Genderless Engagement & Commitment Rings

    Break away from the conventional solitaire diamond ring and discover a whole world of alternative designs. 

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  • 16 Inspiration

    Is Hatton Garden Really The Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

    Known as the historical jewellery quarter of London, Hatton Garden has a rich tradition of jewellery design and manufacture and diamond dealing.

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  • 17 Top Picks

    Designer Spotlight: Ruth Tomlinson

    Hidden away on an unassuming cobbled street in London's jewellery quarter Hatton Garden...

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  • 18 Inspiration

    Engagement Ring Insider: How to Buy A Bespoke Engagement Ring

    Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting process; and the overwhelming amount of choice when you start looking online can make the problem harder rather than easier.

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  • 19 Inspiration

    5 Perfect Alternative Engagement Rings by Fernando Jorge

    The Brazilian born, London-based jeweller Fernando Jorge is known for his sensual, gemstone-topped silhouettes and bright pops of colour

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  • 20 Inspiration

    7 Top Jewellery Designers share their own Engagement Rings

    Just as I love to see inside the home of a interior designer, or what a nutritionist actually eats for breakfast...

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  • 21 Inspiration

    Is This Ring The Ultimate in Jewellery Self-Gifting?

    A young woman works hard, earns herself some money, and decides to spend it on her dream diamond ring; it's not rocket science.

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  • 22 Boutiques

    Four Small Cult Jewellery Brands to Shop from Home

    The highstreet might be grinding to a halt, but luckily we all still have access to the internet.

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  • 23 Boutiques

    The London Jewellery Designer Perfecting the Timeless-Yet-Modern Style

    For anyone searching for a modern yet timeless engagement ring, London based designer Rachel Boston is the jeweller of the moment.

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  • 24 Inspiration

    Jewellery Present Ideas Straight to your Inbox: Our New Virtual Jewellery Shopping Service

    Buying jewellery gifts for important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or the arrival of a brand new baby is tricky at the best of times...

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  • 25 Boutiques

    The Engagement Ring Collection That This Jeweller Can't Keep in Stock

    London jewellery boutique EC One is a long-standing favourite amongst those in the know in the jewellery industry, for many reasons.

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  • 26 Inspiration

    Introducing Ready-to-Wear by Gee Woods

    New year, new exciting jewellery design talent here at The Cut London.

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  • 27 Inspiration

    The New Solitaire: Bold, Gold and Chunky

    The 80s have been creeping back into the world of fashion for a while now, but we’ve so far been spared the memories of our mums’ 80s costume jewellery...

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  • 28 Inspiration

    How To Choose An Engagement Ring: A Jewellers Guide to the 4 Cs

    From a traditional diamond soitaire diamond, to a colourful ruby ring, the options and trends when it comes to buying an engagement ring can feel overwhelming.

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  • 29 Inspiration

    The Best Grey Diamond Rings to Buy Now

    Grey diamond engagement rings have soared in popularity over the past few years...

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  • 30 Inspiration

    The New Solitaire: Why Understated Luxe Is This Season's Engagement Ring Trend

    The new diamond solitaire is all about understated luxe, minimalist styling, and clean silhouettes.

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  • 31 Boutiques

    Sweet Pea Jewellery Boutique

    One of the main reasons I started The Cut was due to something I kept hearing from girls looking for an engagement ring, time and time again...

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  • 32 Interview

    Colour Pop: The Kaleidoscopic world of Hattie Rickards

    This week we met with London jewellery designer Hattie Rickards, at her favourite London meeting spot The Royal Academy of Arts.

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  • 33 Boutiques

    The Best Off-The-Beaten-Track Jewellery Boutiques in London

    The best places to buy jewellery in London are probably not the ones you’ve heard of.

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  • 34 Interview

    Meet the Designer: Arabel Lebrusan

    Having a strong design 'handwriting' as a jeweller is central to success in a saturated market of endless products and styles.

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  • 35 Inspiration

    The Best 3-Stone Engagement Rings

    The three-stone or multi-stone engagement ring is likely to soar in popularity after Prince Harry created a bespoke engagement ring for Meghan Markle.

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  • 36 Interview

    How to Propose to a Jewellery Designer

    Proposing to a jewellery designer...the pressure, the pressure.

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  • 37 Interview

    Parisian Cool: New Jewellery Designer Charlotte Chesnais

    After an illustrious career working as a stylist and designer in the world of high fashion, Parisian Charlotte Desnais...

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  • 38 Interview

    Behind the Designs: Jewellery Designer Fernando Jorge

    Kicking off our new feature ‘Behind the Designs’; a series of interviews with London independent jewellery designers...

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  • 39 Inspiration

    Collection of the Month: Helix by Shimell & Madden

    The new Helix collection from Shimell & Madden is our engagement ring collection of the month.

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  • 40 Inspiration

    How to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring

    So, how do you buy a vintage engagement ring?

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  • 41 Top Picks

    Jewellery Illustration: Designers with the Magic Touch

    Jewellery illustration is fast becoming a lost art.

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