Thursday, 24 November 2022

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Designer Focus: Minka Jewels

Minka Jewels' creations are the antithesis of throwaway style. They are lifelong pieces, solid companions to lift every outfit and mood, and embody a sense of luxury and value that only few designers manage to bring to life. 

The colourpop super gems of Minka Jewels’ designs stopped me mid scroll a few years ago, when a raspberry pink tourmaline gemstone necklace landed on my instagram feed. I was instantly obsessed - it was unashamedly joyful, colourful and bold, and distinctly different from the minimalist vibes that were everywhere. 

Gemstone Rainbow by Minka Jewels at The Cut London

The Minka Jewels style has always been about the beauty of the gemstones. A colour-lovers dream; the ocean blues, vibrant greens, mimosa yellow and raspberry pinks are of the highest quality, and founder Lucy Crowther is determined to seek out the best natural coloured sapphires, tourmalines and emeralds for her work. The pop of colour makes them perfect for gifting: 18th birthday, Christmas, anniversary presents, new baby celebrations…the dream mix of timeless, joyful, and special. 



For me it’s the satisfying scale and proportion of the pieces that make them so covetable - weighty, wearable designs that feel luxury and heirloom worthy, but also the playfulness of the colour and the simplicity of the design means they work with a grey jumper and jeans too (aka the Autumn/Winter uniform). 

Minka Jewels Sapphire Rings

Lucy leans further into her signature aesthetic for her bespoke and engagement ring styles. Literally one of the most popular images we’ve ever posted on Instagram is her beautiful diamond Gypsy ring (below); a stunning and satisfyingly smooth curve of weighty 18k gold that feels timeless and modern all at the same time.

Bespoke Chunky Diamond Ring by Minka Jewels

Bespoke Chunky Diamond Ring by Minka Jewels

This is the ring on all of the jewellery editors’ wish-lists - and once briefly on my own hand - and has inspired countless Minka engagement ring redesigns, something that Lucy recently undertook for one of our clients, resetting a solitaire pear cut diamond from an existing ring into a chic, sculptural wide band design. 


Bespoke Chunky Diamond Ring by Minka Jewels 

For those who want even more sparkle, the new additions to the ever-popular Berlin collection include diamond studded necklaces, rings and earrings.

Minka Jewels Sapphire and Tourmaline Berlin Rings

Minka Jewels Berlin Necklace

Minka gold ring with sapphire

Lucy's creations are the antithesis of light-weight, dainty, throwaway style, where chains get forever tangled and metal tarnishes. They are lifelong pieces, solid companions to lift every outfit and mood, and embody a sense of luxury and value that only few designers manage to bring to life. 

Sapphire rings by Minka Jewels

To try-on the Minka Jewels collection in real life, visit the Minka x WNU Pop-Up this December 1st-2nd at 47 Elizabeth St, London, SW1W 9PP, or use our Jewels to your Desk service for pre-Christmas shopping at your convenience. 

Shop the Minka Jewels ready-to-ship pieces for a special gift, or explore all her designs, past and present, here.

To make an appointment with Lucy, please email us and she will get in touch to make a virtual or in person meeting.