Thursday, 27 January 2022

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Thursday, 27 January 2022

One Big Rock: The allure of the single stone cocktail ring

Dusting off its chintzy, 1950s auntie vibes for 2022, the new cocktail ring has arrived and it's mega.

Dusting off its chintzy, 1950s aunty vibes for 2022, the new cocktail ring has arrived and it's mega. As seen on the hands of the effortlessly cool fashion editors, in jeans and a tee, LBD or bikini, there's something about this new wave of modern cocktail ring that feels fresh and wearable - it will go with anything.

The width and weight of the band is key - a dainty ring set with a large stone will teeter annoyingly, twist and turn on your finger, and would only really be ok for the odd evening wear. The new cocktail ring has a wide band, preferably in buttery yellow 18k gold, a sculptural detail or silhouette, and a seamlessly set gemstone - no claw settings here to catch on your sleeves - it all feels like one solid entity rather a gem 'atop' a ring. 

The best of the best include LA jewellery trailblazers Retrouvai, with their signature Pleated wide band rings set with your stone of choice, or their new, award-winning Impetus interlocking Puzzle rings, a dream-worthy design set with a rainbow palette of gemstones from bright green emeralds to slubby olive sapphires. 

blue sapphire chunky gold ring by retrouvai

Chunky gemstone ring in yellow gold by Retrouvai

Puzzle Rings in blue sapphire and dusty pink garnet by Retrouvai.

In the UK, London based brand Minka Jewels has a successful line in signature showstopper gemstone rings with her Athena and Berlin collections, colourful pops of pink, green and blue are irresistibly set in yellow gold. Also London based, Melanie Eddy's geometric silhouettes are chunky and satisfying to wear, catching the light brilliantly thanks to the unusual bespoke cuts of the stones. 

Minka ring in blue tourmaline and yellow gold

Chunky gold ring set with blue green tourmaline, in yellow gold

Berlin Rings by Minka Jewels.

For added ethical mileage it's worth seeing if you've got any gemstones set in old brooches or pendants that you thought wouldn't work in a ring, as now is the time to think about recycling, redesigning and resetting - just make sure whatever you go for is in yellow or rose gold - somehow a jewel-toned colour pallette works best with the warmth of gold; the iciness of platinum or white gold tends to jar with the richness of the gemstone. 

Enjoy our pick of the ultimate single stone gemstone rings, and as always feel free to get in touch if you'd like advice on resetting your existing stone, or creating a new ring from scratch. 


Untreated Colombian emerald set in 18k yellow gold, by Bear Brooksbank.Gold ring with large olive peridot by Roxanne Rajcoomar Hadden jewellery

Large olive green peridot set in yellow gold, by Roxanne Rajcoomar Hadden.

Large blue sapphire ring by Jessie Thomas

Blue sapphire set in yellow gold, by Jessie Thomas.

Aquamarine rings by jewellery designer Melanie Eddy

Aquamarine ring by Melanie Eddy.