Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

The Top 5 Genderless Engagement & Commitment Rings

Break away from the conventional solitaire diamond ring and discover a whole world of alternative designs. 

The search for a modern engagement ring doesn’t need to end in a solitaire diamond style. The teetering gemstone sitting atop a shiny platinum band may be the traditional token of love given to a woman by a man, however many people feel the princess-like connotations of a solo sparkling rock just doesn’t represent who they are. 

This is not to say that there aren’t brilliant, interesting, unexpected variations on the solitaire diamond ring that add just enough detail to make it feel like a cool, fresh choice, but if the single diamond option is just not for you, there are plenty of beautiful alternative engagement ring ideas to inspire you. 

In more practical terms (so unromantic) in the reality that is 2021, a raised lone diamond on a skinny band can be uncomfortable for those whose day to day life involves anything remotely active - gym sessions, cooking, swimming, or anyone who works with their hands. 

Practicalities aside, personal choice and taste should, in our opinion, supersede convention and the assumptions of society that an engagement ring should look a certain way. You should, ideally, find and wear what you really love. 

Tradition and convention slip into our subconscious when we’re celebrating life’s milestones, and we’re here to gently show you that there’s another way. We’ve helped women, men and non binary clients find designs that represent their own personal taste; jewellery that speaks to their souls and really feels like a tiny representation of who they are. Think about what you really like in terms of design; colour, shape, comfort, scale and proportion, and don’t let convention hold you back.

Discover our top 5 genderless engagement and commitment rings here:

Jessie Thomas genderless diamond engagement rings at The Cut London

London based designer Jessie Thomas creates simple, unfussy unisex rings in 18k gold, set with whatever shape diamond or gemstone you love. These wide band rings above (available here) are sleekly set with no prongs or extraneous metal showing, making them easy to wear and the ultimate in chic.


This sleek design by Hattie Rickards is a perfect example of using diamonds in a refined, minimalist style, whilst still maximising the sparkle. Perfect for lovers of modern, clean design, this one-of-a-kind ring was created for a London based Fashion Editor who was looking for a timeless looking style that still felt original and unconventional. View the Minimalist Baguette Diamond Ring here.

Genderless style Engagement Ring by Hannah Martin at The Cut London

London based designer Hannah Martin's sculptural designs revel in the subtle detail, play with scale and are perfectly proportioned. Never complying to the expected design traits of the traditional engagement ring, Martin's creations feel fresh and ultimately wearable, whatever your gender. Shop her styles here.

Vintage Cartier Wedding Band at The Cut London

This classic Cartier design is sourced by jeweller Bear Brookbanks, who loved its clean lines and simple 'wraparound' detail of overlapping gold. A simple and affordable choice for those who want a ring with heritage and style. Available here. 

Channel Set Alternative Engagement Ring by Hattie Rickards at The Cut London

Adding a pop of jewel-toned colour in this sleek, solid design, designer Hattie Rickards keeps the piece unfussy by using more graphic stone cuts such as baguette sapphires, and sets them with no extraneous claws - a channel setting appeals to lovers of clean lines and minimalist styling. See more here. 

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