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  • 01 Boutiques, Inspiration

    Designer Focus: Annoushka

    Annoushka is a jewellery brand that works hard. Playful, chic and surprising designs, always acute attention to detail, and, most of all, the wearability factor. Of course this also makes them the perfect gift (wrapped in signature black and gold ribbons)...

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  • 02 Boutiques

    Four Small Cult Jewellery Brands to Shop from Home

    The highstreet might be grinding to a halt, but luckily we all still have access to the internet.

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  • 03 Boutiques

    The London Jewellery Designer Perfecting the Timeless-Yet-Modern Style

    For anyone searching for a modern yet timeless engagement ring, London based designer Rachel Boston is the jeweller of the moment.

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  • 04 Boutiques

    The Engagement Ring Collection That This Jeweller Can't Keep in Stock

    London jewellery boutique EC One is a long-standing favourite amongst those in the know in the jewellery industry, for many reasons.

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  • 05 Boutiques

    Sweet Pea Jewellery Boutique

    One of the main reasons I started The Cut was due to something I kept hearing from girls looking for an engagement ring, time and time again...

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  • 06 Boutiques

    The Best Off-The-Beaten-Track Jewellery Boutiques in London

    The best places to buy jewellery in London are probably not the ones you’ve heard of.

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