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  • 01 Inspiration, Interview

    Designer Focus: Hattie Rickards Jewellery

    Hattie Rickards is a designer who understands both the meaning and power of fine jewellery, but also the joy. 

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  • 02 Interview

    Colour Pop: The Kaleidoscopic world of Hattie Rickards

    This week we met with London jewellery designer Hattie Rickards, at her favourite London meeting spot The Royal Academy of Arts.

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  • 03 Interview

    Meet the Designer: Arabel Lebrusan

    Having a strong design 'handwriting' as a jeweller is central to success in a saturated market of endless products and styles.

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  • 04 Interview

    How to Propose to a Jewellery Designer

    Proposing to a jewellery designer...the pressure, the pressure.

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  • 05 Interview

    Parisian Cool: New Jewellery Designer Charlotte Chesnais

    After an illustrious career working as a stylist and designer in the world of high fashion, Parisian Charlotte Desnais...

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  • 06 Interview

    Behind the Designs: Jewellery Designer Fernando Jorge

    Kicking off our new feature ‘Behind the Designs’; a series of interviews with London independent jewellery designers...

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