Thursday, 8 July 2021

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Jewellery Present Ideas Straight to your Inbox: Our New Virtual Jewellery Shopping Service

Buying jewellery gifts for important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or the arrival of a brand new baby is tricky at the best of times...

...with the pressure of not-getting-it-wrong adding to the slight stress of the not insubstantial financial outlay (as well as outright not forgetting). You want the gift to be spot-on; perfectly suited to your partner/friend/mother, displaying your infalliable taste and unexpected knowledge of the best jewellers in town.

However the reality is often far from this. Hours spent scrolling through endless images online or searching on Pinterest is frustrating and often fruitless, and under normal circumstances I would recommend the actually visiting some recommended stores to look and feel the jewellery in real life.

In the light of the pandemic this option is just not possible, so we've launched a virtual jewellery shopping service to make sure you get it right.

Here's how the newly launched jewellery shopping service works:

  • Send us your taste and style requirements (for example necklace or ring, yellow gold or white, minimalist and simple or big and colourful etc) and an idea of how much you'd like to spend. Some intel on what your partner already wears and likes is helpful, and feel free to send over any images they may have pointed out or saved online.
  • Using our network of contacts in the jewellery world, including under-the-radar brands and established fine jewellers, we can suggest a shortlist of personalised jewellery presents, saving you hours of online research and frustrating email exchanges.
  • Don't forget to include the date of the special occasion you need the present for: we need around a month in advance to bring you the best options. Made to order or bespoke pieces can take 6-8 weeks minimum, so make sure you leave enough time if you would like a bespoke piece made. We do have exceptional makers and suppliers who can prioritise special orders for us, so let us know if you have left it late and we will do our best.
  • Once we've found the right piece, we can facilitate the sale and delivery of the jewellery, or leave this up to you.

Despite the pandemic we're in regular contact with all the best jewellery brands and designers, many of whom we've known and worked with for years, as well as the talented craftsmen hidden away in London's Hatton Garden, so we can always source the perfect piece.


From gemstone earrings representing the month you got married, to secret messages spelt out in a morse code of diamonds on a pendant, we have endless ideas on the jewellery that will strike the right balance between thoughtful, personal and something you'll never want to take off. And don't worry if you're short of ideas or are unsure of what would make a great gift, we can suggest some ideas until one fits.

* We're trialling this service at no charge during the pandemic and lockdown, please email Kate for more information here. *