We Are Modern Lovers

Meaningful Jewellery to Symbolise & Celebrate Modern Love in All it's Forms

We Are Modern Lovers | The Cut London

Meaningful Jewellery to Symbolise & Celebrate Modern Love in All Its Forms

Romantic, Familial, Platonic and Every Other Reason in Between

The Cut London helps discerning couples or individuals find meaningful jewellery to symbolise and celebrate modern love in all its forms; romantic, familial, platonic, and every other reason in between.

The search for a dream engagement ring or important piece of jewellery can feel overwhelming: inconsistent pricing, millions of google results and a historically murky industry can leave people who are already stressed about the prospect of finding something so important even more so.

This task becomes more daunting if you are looking for something exceptional - a beautifully cut diamond, an unusual gemstone, a guaranteed ethical supply-chain or an unconventional style.

The Cut London was founded to help navigate the overwhelming world of jewellery with confidence, and to inspire people to choose something feels more special than a generic ‘cookie-cutter’ design.

Founder Kate Baxter has lived and breathed jewellery for over a decade as a designer, stylist and consultant. A trusted industry voice championing original design, Kate has been match-making couples with their perfect rings since 2012.

For you, this means rare access to her extensive network of industry contacts to help bring your perfect piece to life. From the most exceptional and coveted fine jewellery designers and makers, ethical gemstone dealers, and diamond setters, through to the best family-run workshops, trade repairs and hand-engravers.

Even a simple solitaire ring can be a unique and exceptional piece when created by the right jeweller, and Kate’s discerning eye, experience and attention to detail means that she can help you find the ultimate version of whatever piece of jewellery you’re searching for.

We showcase a finely curated selection of jewels that are either available to buy, made to order, or are examples of bespoke commissions to give you an idea of a designer’s style.

We believe in a modern kind of luxury: where fine jewellery is created specifically for you using small-scale production rather than mass-made, the metals and gemstones are traceable, sourced from trusted suppliers, or reclaimed, and meticulous craftspeople produce exceptional work whilst supporting their workforce and caring about the planet.