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Curated by Kate Baxter, find exceptional designs to suit your personal style, or create your own.

For understated luxe, beautiful diamond forms need little else. Explore designs with minimal details and subtle settings for low-key elegance.

From simple solitaires with small, defining details, to engagement ring and wedding band hybrids meaning you only need to wear one ring, minimalist jewellery remains an understated, elegant choice for a low-key look that works with any lifestyle.

Lovers of minimalism in jewellery can be inspired by stones set in a more streamlined way, without claws or any excess metal that sticks out and snags on clothes or skin. Setting types such as bezel or rubover settings mean the stone is encased in a metal surround, with a continuous line of gold or platinum holding the stone in place. Minimalist engagement ring styles can feature just a single stone or multiple stones, but would usually avoid including pavé set diamonds as these add a lot of detail and sparkle.

Look out for more understated diamond cuts from the step-cut family such as baguette, emerald cut and carré cut diamonds, where the sparkle is reduced to a more subdued flash, rather than a traditional brilliant cut round diamond where the stone has been specifically cut to maximise sparkle.