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From ocean blue to dusky peach, explore the kaleidoscopic world of gemstone hues.

Diamonds and gemstones appear in a rainbow of colours, from bright and punchy grass green emeralds, to softer, watery blue sapphires, with almost every other shade imaginable available in between. Using colourful gemstones in jewellery doesn’t mean you need to walk around looking like a vision of technicolour; more subtle hues such a lemon yellow diamond or a dusty peach sapphire are hugely popular due to the touch of warmth they bring to the design, and the easy wearability of softer hues.

The popularity of a white diamond is mainly due to its versatility as a neutral ‘non’ colour, so concerns about the wearability of gemstones can be eased by adding coloured stones as side accents, or using them in a smaller size. However, if you’re a fan of bold colour we love a colour-clashing mix of gemstones, with unexpected pairings of yellow and blue, or red and pink.