Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

The Best 3-Stone Engagement Rings

The three-stone or multi-stone engagement ring is likely to soar in popularity after Prince Harry created a bespoke engagement ring for Meghan Markle.


The tapering height and size of the stones, ie from a larger central stone to smaller side stones, is extremely flattering on the hand, resulting in a softer overall shape. The more stones you add to this, getting smaller and smaller down each side of the ring, the more you can see the effect. This Rachel Boston ring is a great example.

Three Stone Asscher Diamond Ring by Rachel Boston.

Mixed Shapes

Three stone rings work equally as well with different shaped stones in the same ring - so you could have a central square with two slim baguettes either side, or a soft central oval or marquise with small princess cuts either side. Most combinations work so you can afford to be creative and trust that the result will look great.

Three stone ring by Laura Lee.

Quality & Budget

If you want to spend most of your budget on the central stone, you could try using salt and pepper diamonds (or diamonds with a lower grade) as side stones. The eye will be drawn to the central stone first, placing less focus on the sides, but as a trio they will all shine. Salt and pepper diamonds or grey diamonds are less expensive than traditional white diamonds.

Here is my edit of the best three-stone engagement rings.

Three Stone Diamond Ring by Ana De Costa.

Three Stone Diamond Ring on a knife edge band by Hannah Martin. 

Three Stone Diamond Ring by Guy&Max.

Three Stone Emerald and Diamond ring by Guy&Max.

Three Stone Diamond Ring by Shimell & Madden. 

Three Stone Hexagon diamond ring by Rachel Boston.

Three Stone Triangle Diamond Ring by Rachel Boston.

Three Stone Diamond Ring in 18k Rose Gold by Michelle Oh. 

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