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"More couples than ever are buying together, and turning to the likes of Baxter for insider knowledge of the jewellery industry as well as access to top-level designers and workshops. Baxter ensures that no precious stone is left unturned in the pursuit of perfection."


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Focus On ; The New Wave

Discover a new edit of the ultimate in wavy engagement rings, with undulating lines of gold for a softer look.

Journal Highlight ; How to buy a bespoke Engagement Ring

Finding a bespoke engagement ring is no mean feat. Learn the tips and tricks that will make the process as smooth as possible, and result in the design of your dreams.

How to buy a bespoke engagement ring

Our ultimate guide to buying a bespoke engagement ring

Kate's Edit

Kate's Edit: Modern Deco Explore my selection of modern Art Deco designs with a twist...think fine bands, invisible settings and clean lines resulting in timeless classics.

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