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Diadem Marquise Diamond Ring

Two beautifully marquise cut diamonds sit side to side in this 'Diadem' ring, part of the 'Crown' collection designed to sit alongside an engagement ring, or worn on its own.

Made locally in the UK by English craftsmen, and using only conflict-free diamonds and 18k ethical gold, the Marquise Diamond Diadem Ring is a perfect example of sustainable luxury.

Made to order from £1940.00.

To order this ring please email or use the contact buttons above. All rings are available for customisation including stone types, metal colour and engraving.

About Arabel Lebrusan

With a delicate, refined, and feminine style, Arabel works only with ethically sound materials and processes throughout her business, including Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Beautiful, delicate pieces made by master craftsmen in the UK and her native Spain, the Arabel Lebrusan brand is a strong, female-led business championing beauty in design as well as visionary and thorough in its ethical practices.


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