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Asscher Cut Diamond Milestone Ring

A distinctly unconventional take on a solitaire, this Milestone ring features a 1ct Asscher cut diamond, set in 18k yellow gold. Also pictured stacked with a Milestone wedding band in 18k yellow gold.

Made to order, prices starting from £7500. 

The Milestone ring can also be created using different gemstones, including birthstones or sentimental heirloom gems. 

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About Roxanne Rajcoomer-Hadden

Whether designing engagement rings or remodelling heirloom pieces, Roxanne Rajcoomer-Hadden brings her wealth of experience and innate understanding of the personal meaning and importance of jewellery to every piece. From forensically researching the provenance of the diamonds and gemstones used in her designs to ensure ethical and fair standards, to capturing a modern edge to elevate a classic style, she brings her expertise, traditional values and contemporary outlook to every bespoke project she embarks upon.


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