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Rings for Modern Lovers

At The Cut London HQ this week we've been asking ourselves some big questions about the jewellery we wear. Why do we like what we like? How does it make us feel? We believe that jewellery resonates with a part of our identity that - consciously or subconsciously - we want to project.

Colour, texture, shape, silhouettes...styles in jewellery represent more than simple adornment, particularly when we are making important purchases like engagement rings or wedding bands. The jewellery we wear reflects our individual style, even for those uninterested in fashion or trends, and our style captures an essence of who we are and how we want to be seen.

For example, we might choose a 'minimalist' style engagement ring because we want adhere to the refined, calm, unostentatious part of us, and show the world that we need nor desire huge blinging diamonds to declare our love. We're quietly confident.

Or we might choose something completely unconventional; big and bold and unique, and what does that say about us? Is it a direct reflection of who you already are, or are you using the tiny jewel to show off a part of your nature that is otherwise surpressed?

Rings, left to right: Rachel Boston, Emma Franklin, Fernando Jorge, Gee Woods.

The traditional solitaire diamond ring is as redundant in 2019 as the conventional 3-step 'courting, engagement, and white wedding' path to commitment. How far are today's modern lovers willing to push the boundaries of tradition in order to find a ring that resonates with their identity? These questions are at the core of The Cut London, and we want to spend time exploring the answers. 

We are here to help you with the search, to help you discover the perfect ring for the big moments in life - whether that's a wedding, an engagement, a new baby, or a 'this is where we're at' ring. Working collaboratively with you and our exceptional designers, we can find the one that really fits. 

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