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The Best Engagement Rings under £1000

Engagement Rings...only 23.5 million results when you type those two words into Google. A good place to start to cut through the chaff is with the budget - although this by no means should be the main deciding factor. The old-fashioned myth that a 'man' should spend '3 months' salary' on a rock, (this is sometimes cited as 1 month's salary) is patently arbitrary; and I prefer to try and ascertain how much the proposer can actually afford, whether through savings or salary, without plummeting into untold debt. With a bit of thoughtfulness, guidance and skill, you can find a beautiful engagement ring under £1000, as long as you know where to look.

Here are 4 ways to reduce your costs when buying an engagement ring, followed by some beautiful examples of engagement rings under £1000.

1. Use family heirlooms, antiques or existing diamonds
Recycling gemstones and diamonds is not only an ethical choice, but can also add immeasurable value though sentimental meaning. And I'm all about the sentiment.
2. Consider metals other than platinum
Platinum is beautiful to work with, but also very expensive. A lot of US jewellers are using 14k gold and the resulting rings are hard-wearing and can come in some interesting shades - 14k yellow gold is paler than 18k gold due to an increased silver content, which some people prefer the look of.

Moonbeam ring by Nixin. Moonstone and diamond on 9k rose gold band, £185.

3. Fill large spaces with small stones
A diamond that measures 10mm in diameter will cost a lot more than 20 tiny diamonds taking up the same space. Creative designers can work to a smaller budget by using smaller stones in a clever way.

9ct White Gold and Diamond ring by N.Vogel, £600. Available at Tomfoolery.

4. Buy second hand or vintage rings
There are some beautiful engagement rings found in antique shops or markets, that would cost hundreds or thousands of pounds more if made new today. But be careful - be sure to be armed with some basic knowledge before you buy. See our article on buying vintage engagement rings here.
Lastly, don't be shy or embarrassed about your budget - this I feel strongly about because because bigger doesn't always mean better. A thousand pounds is a lot of money to spend on jewellery, so be confident and ask your jeweller for the best ways to make your budget work the hardest for you, and always use a recommended jeweller. Our free engagement ring finding service offers brilliant suggestions of where to start.

Here are our top picks for the best Engagement Rings under £1000.

9k Gold, ruby and diamond ring by Helene Turbe at EC One, £400.

18k gold and diamond Elements 'O' Ring by Ruifier, £695.

14k Gold and Rose Cut Diamond 'Nestled Arc' ring by wwake, £960. Available to order from Tomfoolery.

14k Gold and Diamond ring by Nixin, £966.

Yellow diamond slice ring, £690, Nixin.

Citrine and 9ct gold Motion ring by Gee Woods, £985.

18k yellow gold baguette diamond ring, £565 from Sweetpea.

14k gold and diamond ring by n+a, £918, available from Tomfoolery.

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