Mixed Gemstone Bespoke Ring

By Ruth Tomlinson

A bespoke sapphire and diamond ring in yellow gold.

This Ring is One of a Kind

Delivery in 10 Weeks

This is a bespoke design that has previously sold, shown here for inspiration.

A heady mix of sapphires and diamonds, this alternative cluster ring is made by hand in the designer’s signature style in her London studio.

Bespoke engagement rings by Ruth Tomlinson start from £3000.

Please note that the bespoke process can take up to 10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the rarity of the diamonds or gemstones you choose.

If you would like to speak to Ruth about designing a custom ring or piece of meaningful jewellery, please make an enquiry.

Ring Details

Ruth Tomlinson is an independent British contemporary fine jeweller creating ethereal jewels imbued with an otherworldly sense of a bygone era. Celebrating an alternative to the traditional, Ruth produces jewellery that is beautifully designed, skillfully crafted, with a sense of enchantment and a touch of the unexpected. Each as unique as the individual who wears it, inspiring a life-lasting connection between the wearer and their jewels.

Most commonly found in shades of blue, sapphires are also available in pretty much every other colour you can think of, with pink, yellow, peach and green being the most popular after blue. Sapphires are also very hard, with their rating on the Moh’s Scale falling just under diamonds, so they make great gemstones for daily wear on the hand.

The quality and therefore price of sapphires is based on their colour, cut and clarity, and large stones can be GIA certified as diamonds are.

The colour of the sapphire is by far the most important of all these. The shade, the tone and the depth of colour, as well as the uniformity of the colour - how well the shade is spread over the stone evenly - make a huge difference to price. Deep, dark coloured tend to hide the sparkle of the stone, so become less desirable, and sapphires that show a pure, even colour and brightness will be more expensive.

You may see sapphires where there are two different shades of colour in the stone. This is called a bi-colour sapphire, and is very common. Pure coloured sapphires with a rich, even tone in a single hue are the most conventionally desirable varieties, and therefore the most expensive. Common ‘cheaper’ sapphire rings found online will often feature lesser quality gemstones and the images may have been digitally altered, so make sure you always see a coloured gemstone in real life before buying.

Depending on the size requirements sapphires make a beautiful alternative to coloured diamonds. Yellow sapphires, white diamonds and yellow gold are currently a popular choice, but our favourite sapphire shade is a murky olive green.

Sapphires are traditionally the birthstone of September. See all Sapphire rings here.

14k gold has a lower content of pure gold than 18k gold, as it is comprised of 58% pure gold, 30% silver and 12% copper. Due to the lower pure gold content it is a more affordable gold choice, but is considered less precious.

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