Large Emerald and Diamond Deco Ring

By Guy & Max

Large emerald and diamond Deco style ring.

This Ring is One of a Kind

Delivery in 8 - 12 Weeks

This is a bespoke design that has been previously sold, shown here for inspiration. Variations on this design can be created, please enquire below for more information.

Bespoke designs by Guy & Max start from £3000.

An impressive large emerald set in between two trillion cut diamonds. Created by exciting design duo Guy & Max in London, this modern take on a vintage style design remains a bold and impactful choice for a pop of colour.

Please note that the bespoke process can take up to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the rarity of the diamonds or gemstones you choose.

If you would like to speak to Guy & Max about designing a custom ring or piece of meaningful jewellery, please make an enquiry.

Ring Details

Brothers Guy and Max combine romanticism, artistry and technology to produce objects of distinction, crafted to perfection. Working to highly personalised standards on bespoke projects that result in truly unique, one off, heirloom quality jewels, the brothers have achieved cult status in a jewellery industry overcrowded with 'same-same' brands. Their intense attention to detail and unfaltering passion is evident in every part of their business, and they encourage their clients to be as overly fussy and obsessed as they are in pursuit of the ultimate design.

Emeralds are a green coloured precious gemstone, and one of the four most desirable gemstones worldwide, alongside diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Emeralds fall below diamonds, rubies and sapphires in terms of hardness, due to the fact that most emeralds have a high number of inclusions in them - small splits and breakages visible in the stone - so they can shatter quite easily and are considered a fragile gemstone.

As emeralds are usually quite ‘included’ - where there are marks that are clearly visible in the stone - the colour and the clarity are considered to be the most important factor in determining value. So as with all gemstones the colour is king, and tends to determine price, with emeralds it’s also how clear the gemstone is. It’s normal to have a few inclusions in an emerald, so instead it’s important to choose a bright colour that sparkles and glows a deep green. Emeralds too pale will show the inclusions even more, and too dark will appear dull.

It’s also important to set emeralds securely, usually in a bezel setting rather than a claw setting, so the metal goes all the way around the stone, protecting it.

Emerald is traditionally the birthstone of May. View all emerald rings here.

Emerald cut diamonds feature the distinctive step cut - where the facets of the diamond are long, open and straight, rather than short and close together as found in brilliant round cuts. This means that emerald cuts should be reserved for high quality diamonds where there are few inclusions and a bright white colour, as the unforgiving step-cut reveals imperfections to the naked eye. Combined with a large 'table' (the flat top facet of the stone) you can literally peer into the centre of the diamond and see through it, like a window.

Serious and geometric, the emerald cut diamond works best in larger shapes where they create a real impact, and we love them set east-to-west for a contemporary vibe.

See all emerald cut diamond rings here.

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