Wednesday, 7 July 2021

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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Zoe & Morgan Jewellery Boutique

Last week we visited the pretty London enclave of Primrose Hill, where jewellery designers Zoe & Morgan have created their new boutique space...

...showcasing a beautiful selection of handmade, delicate and style-focused jewellery and - most importantly for me - their new collection of engagement and wedding rings. With graphic prints on the walls, flowers and plants everywhere and beautiful vintage display cabinets and furniture, the store has clearly been as lovingly designed as the jewellery within it.

Zoe & Morgan was started by siblings Zoe, Morgan and Ruth in London in 2005. As children of a silversmith and an upbringing that took them all over the world, their influences range from talismanic, tribal and cosmic patterns and motifs, with a strong free-spirited feel underpinning all the collections, reflective of their bohemian childhood and love of the outdoors.

Recently diversifying into engagement rings and wedding bands, the bold yet minimal style and silhouette the brand is known for has been distilled into a collection of sharp-looking, sophisticated rings with an unusual geometric edge, with graphic lines and great use of negative space that give the pieces a contemporary and easy-to-wear feel.

As part of our Engagement Ring finding service, we constantly get asked where to find simple, graphic designs that are pretty and not too stark; easy to wear and classic, yet feel non-conventional, and I feel that Zoe & Morgan have tapped in to this demand really well. London girls who want something cool, chic and stylish, but still delicate and understated, will love this collection.

Tucked away in a quiet street in London, the Zoe & Morgan boutique is perfect for browsing - something which I strongly advocate when in the early stages of choosing an engagement ring - with lots to try on and a couple of friendly and knowledgable staff on hand to help. Manned by the super chic (and an ex-model) sister Ruth, who now runs the London side of the business whilst her siblings are based in New Zealand, visiting the boutique feels like going to your coolest friend's living room; small enough to feel relaxed and welcoming, with carefully chosen cabinets and artwork.

The strong geometric designs which are the essence of the Zoe & Morgan brand have translated perfectly into this engagement ring collection, which holds true to their linear, graphic style, but in a more luxury, classic way. For a low-key, stylish engagement ring with a non-conventional edge, this London based boutique is well worth a visit.

Find it at: 48 Chalcot Road,London NW1 8LS, or visit