Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Designer Focus: Annoushka

Annoushka is a jewellery brand that works hard. Playful, chic and surprising designs, always acute attention to detail, and, most of all, the wearability factor. Of course this also makes them the perfect gift (wrapped in signature black and gold ribbons)...

More and more frequently I find myself instinctively drawn to the sheer beauty and quality that fine jewellery brings to my day. Solid gold, real diamonds and gemstones, all within the confines of an intricate and well made design. It's the holy grail for me: precious materials, interesting design, and wearability. I use this word a lot when speaking about my favourite designers, because as I get older I look for pieces that fit into my day, or outfit, and that generally work hard to elevate my look and mood without (literally) dragging me down or getting in the way of life. I want the jewellery I wear to make a discreet impact, to shine brightly, and to feel like a worthwhile investment without compromise in any area. 

Annoushka Lovelock Charms

Lovelock Charms in 18k Yellow Gold, Annoushka

Annoushka is a jewellery brand that works hard. Playful, chic and surprising designs, always acute attention to detail, and, most of all, the wearability factor. Of course this also makes them the perfect gift (wrapped in signature black and gold ribbons), and I had a hard time selecting a few pieces to try on last week. I could've happily taken everything in the shop. 

 Marguerite Earrings in 18k gold and diamond

 Marguerite 18k White Gold Earrings, Annoushka

The secret to the joy and desirability behind this brand is the beautiful proportions, the unexpected detail, and the feeling that you're wearing a classic design that will last the years and overcome trends, yet still feels fresh and modern. 

Anticlockwise from top: 

Evil Eye Weeping Song Charm, Lovelock Evil Eye Charm x A Vampire's Wife, December Birthstone Necklace, Lovelock Heart and Arrow charm, Love Heart Charm with black diamonds

The Lovelock collection particularly stands out as a favourite for me - the clickable lock charms feel weighty, luxe and chic, and would make the perfect gift for an 18th birthday as well as a 50th: mix and match chains can either be chunky and modern or finer, depending on your style.

Lovelock Charms

Lovelock Charms (top and bottom) and Love Heart Charm with white and black diamonds (centre)

Known globally for her take on charms, Annoushka is the authority on this subject - recently creating a bespoke charm bracelet for megastar Rhianna - and within her collections you'll find the ultimate symbol of whatever message and meaning you connect to the most, whether that's an evil eye (the collaboration with The Vampire's Wife is particularly special) or a simple heart - these are the ones you want to build your collection with over the years. 

Ultimate Diamond Party Set

Ultimate Diamond party edit: 

Marguerite White Gold and Diamond Ring, Marguerite White Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Flight Diamond Earrings with detachable arrow head.

And nothing can surpass the feeling of wearing solid gold - with careful wear these designs will last beyond your lifetime, and the heirloom worthy quality means you'll reach for them again and again...the Annoushka boutique just off Sloane Square is a veritable candy shop of dream pieces; from simple and sweet pendants and necklaces, to serious cocktail-level diamond necklaces and bracelets. I found it hard taking off the diamond tennis bracelet (to which my Instagram feed can attest...)

And Annoushka's fresh take on the tennis bracelet was indeed my stand-out piece...playful, undulating diamonds in mixed sizes, and the signature setting reminiscent of the English countryside. Annoushka herself describes as feeling like untamed meadows and rural hedgerows; the natural style bringing the diamonds to life. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis bracelet

My stand-out piece: The Marguerite Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Any Annoushka design will bring untold joy to whomever receives it - I've captured my dream wish-list in this edit so please take notes, Santa - and a visit to the Sloane Square flagship store is bursting with festivity right now. The smiling, warm welcome feels unlike other fine jewellery stores, with staff relaxed and happy to let you try and on and browse for as long as you need (you'll need a long time). 

Annoushka earring edit

L to R:

Flight Earrings in white gold with detachable arrow head

Marguerite Drop Earrings on gold hoops

Grey Baroque Pearl Earrings

White Baroque Pearl Earrings

Birthstone Necklace Easy gifting: Birthstone Pendant Necklace, available in all birthstones (Aquamarine pictured above) 

And for Londoners who can't make it to the beautiful store there is a (little known) absolute gem of a service where a jewellery expert will bring a selection to your office or home for you to choose from. Just click the 'talk to an expert' button on the website. 

Immaculate service, fresh and chic design, and a whole load of diamonds: the dream this Christmas.