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Callida Diamond Ring

'Callida' solitaure Engagement Ring with central brilliant cut diamond set in a trademark 6 prong setting, shown here in between the 'Iris' wedding bands. The diamond pictured is 1.06cts, but can be made to order at different sizes. The Callida ring can be bought individually at the size shown starting from £9200, or as a part of a set, as shown.

Bespoke designs by Zoe and Morgan are available on request. Please use the contact buttons above to make an appointment.

More about Zoe and Morgan

Recently diversifying into engagement rings and wedding bands, the bold yet minimal style and silhouette Zoe & Morgan are known for has been distilled into a collection of sharp-looking, sophisticated rings with an unusual geometric edge, with graphic lines and great use of negative space that give the pieces a contemporary and easy-to-wear feel.



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